Venture Out

Guided backpacking and canoeing trips in the Sipsey Wilderness Area

Venture out is a program to encourage individuals to participate in wilderness backpacking-to experience the physical and mental health benefits it provides. We want to help people to not only discover the natural beauty of our country but to understand the benefits of time spent in nature and to feel the freedom of going off the grid.

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Join Us On Our Next Adventure!

The McDowell Environmental Center is offering guided backpacking and canoeing trips in the Sipsey Wilderness Area. Our experienced instructors will lead groups of up to 8 participants on 3-4 night trips to various trails in the Sipsey. We will provide tents, backpacks, food and other backpacking gear. No previous backpacking experience required.

Stay tuned for upcoming trips or contact us to book your own Venture Out program!

To learn more or sign-up contact Beth at 205-387-1806 ext. 109 or