Our Program

Our curriculum is more than a walk in the woods, although it may start there. We believe experiential classes help students better understand the natural world, leading them to a sense of responsibility for it. Our hands-on curriculum is focused on basic ecological concepts and our classroom is the great outdoors. Our program gives students the greatest opportunity to learn about themselves and their environment. Topics covered can include: Forest Ecology, Map & Compass Skills, Water Ecology, Geology, Team Building, and Canoeing.

Program Goals:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the environment.
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility for the environment.
  • Foster cooperation and the idea of community.

McDowell Environmental Center provides a non-sectarian program and welcomes all students regardless of race, religion, or gender. Many classes can be adapted to accommodate individuals with special needs.

Our caring, professional instructors lead all of the activities. The ratio of one instructor for every twelve students promises safety as well as a personalized learning experience- with plenty of adventure and success. Each of our enthusiastic instructors has a passion for the outdoors and training in our child-centered approach to education.

Camp McDowell encompasses 1,140 acres of diverse forests, meadows, streams, and canyons. This landscape is an incredible natural resource that serves as our classroom, rain or shine. Choose the path that is best for your students: challenge them on our high ropes, study geology in a sandstone canyon, or nature journal next to the softly flowing waters of Clear Creek!